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ReclAimed peRspecTive

This is a short recital clip from my 2013 art show "reclAimed peRspecTive" at the Bendheim gallery in Greenwich, CT. I am performing 8 Schumann pieces arranged for viola and harp by Lisa Tennanbaum (who is also in this video on the harp).

The exhibit incorporated the pairing of my own recorded music (of other composers like Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Satie) and my personal paintings from 2009-2013 via QR codes (a technology that allows an interactive experience by scanning a square "barcode" and being led to inter web content).

In addition to having 89 paintings and 19 functional sculptures (my way of saying "tables") 10 of the paintings were PAIRED with 1 minute music clips via QR codes on their respective title cards.

Once the exhibit opened, the Bendheim Gallery said I had full access to their "Meeting room", known to me as their "Recital hall". I Immediately decided I would perform all 10 pieces in their full length. They can all be seen/heard under the MUSIC section of this site.

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