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'Scape Trio

Nicole Sharlow | Violin


Joseph Dermody | Viola


Adriana Maria Pera | Cello

Nicole Sharlow, Joseph Dermody, and Adriana Maria Pera were most recently all on faculty and resident trio at Concordia College, Bronxville, NY. While performing in and out of New York City individually for over a decade, they established 'Scape Trio in 2007 as a way to bring music and art together, and to a broader audience. By developing programs and performing alongside the works of living artists, 'ScapeTrio presents thought provoking concerts that create a multi-sensory experience. The goal is to inspire communities, pique interests, and  create artistic awareness. 
Whether commanding the stage at Carnegie Hall, enriching a contemporary art exhibit at the MOMA, or decorating a wedding with sounds only strings can provide, 'Scape Trio is NYC's most versatile and in-demand performing ensemble.
Greenwich Artist Joseph Dermody Scape Trio Nicole Sharlow Adriana Pera Carriage Barn Art Center
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